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Matthias Becker/ Klaus Stühlen

The basic idea in producing this CD was to show how all those vintage synthesizers sounded that were described in detail with lots of colour photographs in the book SYNTHESIZER VON GESTERN (VINTAGE SYNTHS - published by Musik Media Verlag , Cologne 1990). Each of the compositions you’ll find on this CD were realised with just one kind of synthesizer and we tried to work out the most typical sounds for each of the instruments. As far as the instruments offered the possibility to be controlled via MIDI - either because they were already equipped with MIDI or by means of an external interface - we made use of an Atari MEGA ST with C-LAB’s NOTATOR Software. Where MIDI was not available all the tracks were ”handmade” i.e. produced without the help of an external computer. The single sounds and voices were recorded track by track on a Fostex E-16, mixed down to stereo with a C- MIX automation system and mastered on a Sony R-DAT machine. Soundsweetening was by means of digital reverbs, exciters, compressors and noisegates.


all music composed by Klaus Stühlen except: tracks 1, 3, 16 and 22 (music: Klaus Stühlen & Matthias Becker) and track 17 (music: Matthias Becker) produced by Matthias Becker © ORIGINALTON WEST 1990 Editing for Compact Disc: John Cremer Layout: Andrea Küffner we’d like to thank all those who contributed to the realization of this CD, especially: Dirk Matten, Dieter Roggendorf und Achim Lenzgen of SYNTHESIZERSTUDIO BONN, Hans Faßbender und Klaus Weber of MUSIC CITY Cologne, Thomas Wieschiolek of EES und last not least Hans Niederberger for his support concerning the novatron.
Matthias Becker/ Klaus Stühlen

01. arp odyssey (1:54)
02. yamaha cs-60 (3:45)
03. oberheim sem (2:04)
04. korg mono-poly (3:16)
05. minimoog (1:59)
06. memorymoog (4:48)
07. roland jupiter 8 (2:42)
08. yamaha cs-60 (2:07)
09. sequential pro one (2:58)
10. korg ps-3100 (3:27)
11. roland sh-5 (3:38)
12. rhodes chroma (2:15)
13. korg poly 800 (2:18)
14. roland system 100 (2:39)
15. roland juno 60 (3:18)
16. mellotron (1:39)
17. ems synthi a (2:17)
18. rhodes chroma (3:41)
19. ppg wave 2.2 (3:16)
20. yamaha cs-15 (2:49)
21. korg ms-20 (2:46)
22. moog system 55 (2:38)

total playing time: 62:26

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